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  • Tantra comes to you
  • Do you dream about your Tantra at home?
  • Sensuality at your place
  • Magic hands come to you

About Me

I believe that every man likes to be touched in his own special way. Just like the taste preference differs from person to person, there are many different personal preferences. My many years of experience give me a good understanding of this diversion of tastes.I understand to individual body language and try to find out what my guests need. I always talk to my guests about their likes or dislikes before the massage.If you can feel and experience something that you never had words for, then it means a success to me.

As your personal practitioner, I will massage your body in a loving way with selected warm oils, and will introduce you in to the deeply intimate massage technique called LINGAM, if you so desire (see below for a definition of this technique).

I offer you massage in your hotel room or at your home. NO need to waste time on transfer taxis or jams. After the massage you can stay asleep, relaxed and happy.

My name is Adriana:                                                                          


To make a reservation you have to provide your name, address where you are staying or the hotel number. I work from 10 until 22h.
None of my massage includes any kind of sexual intercourse. I appreciate your understanding.

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