About Tantra

About Tantra

What does Tantra mean and how does it work?

Tantric is a directed and personal massage of the entire body, with the goal of awakening a sensual, spiritual side in you that is longing to be unleashed to fruition. Step by step, you gradually come to discover more of yourself with this precious, sensual-erotic piece of art through tactile touching that is unique each and every time you give yourself up to it.

Tantric Massage seeks to channel the body's deep rivers of energy as well, through fine and caring touching that wake up the inner nature. It is the connecting link between body and soul.

The sense of touch is one of mankind's least understood methods of communication. With it, we can open up ourselves to the love of our own bodies as we probe its secrets. If fact, Tantric Massage is NOT sexual in the same sense as Erotic Massage. On the contrary, it demonstrates the love and respect we should offer our own bodies, which are the connection between the spiritual and physical worlds. The experience, which includes the absolute form of touch on the body's most intimate parts, transcends the limits of the mundane and the ``still acceptable.'' It’s the gilded door to the opening up of ourselves to the life-giving energy we have lying dormant within. At the end, we develop a fuller trust in ourselves as we are treated.

What are the main differences between Tantric and erotic massages?

The objective of Erotic Massage is first and foremost to evoke stimulation directly through the manipulation of the genitals and has the singular, specific goal of achieving immediate physical pleasure. To that end, the techniques and goals of erotic massage differ greatly from Tantric in their immediacy.

Tantric Massage goes far beyond that, tapping into the energy of the body, mind and soul and using methods to gradually achieve a higher plane of consciousness and deeper pleasure through the energy acquired via the Tantric arts. Therefore, it can be said that there is no ``tendency'' toward the specific result of immediate orgasm underlying the technique.

When you allow yourself to be lost in the beauty and broad sensuality of Tantric massage, you will enter and feel new experiences that move you into another, higher existential worlds. Even though Tantric massage CAN evoke similar outcomes as Erotic Massage, the difference lies in the level of depth and the discovery of sexuality you may not have known exists in the human body. In the Tantric arts, sexuality means self-healing and the ultimate discovery of a new life with broader dimensions.


To make a reservation you have to provide your name, address where you are staying or the hotel number. I work from 10 until 21h.
None of my massage includes any kind of sexual intercourse. I appreciate your understanding.

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