Lingam massage

Lingam massage

What does LINGAM massage mean?

Today, the word “lingam” is often used as a synonym for penis. But the Sanskrit word used to have far more diverse meanings in ancient India, some of which could be translated as “sign,” “mark” or “sex.”

A LINGAM Massage encompasses the complete male lower abdomen, comprising the pelvic base, the sensitive perineum, the inguinal region and the testicles. The massage creates sexual arousal, but the intention is not to strive for fast relaxation by ejaculation. On the contrary, I gently guide my guests to breathe consciously and help the arousal spread from the abdomen throughout the whole body.

In this way, the sensation of pleasure has the opportunity to blossom and last longer. When people talk about their body perception after a massage they often talk about the pleasurable feeling of increased vibration, which spreads out into the fingertips. If an orgasm is reached this way, it can be described as fireworks and it becomes an memorable experience for the whole body. Many guests tell me that this kind of relaxation is of a truly deep and long-lasting nature.


To make a reservation you have to provide your name, address where you are staying or the hotel number. I work from 10 until 21h.
None of my massage includes any kind of sexual intercourse. I appreciate your understanding.

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