Sensual hot chocolate massage

Sensual hot chocolate massage

A chocolate massage begins with the perfect warm-up: enjoying a delicious glass of hot chocolate. The pre-warmed cocoa oil is then gently applied in a massage room at the perfect temperature. The massage is carried out slowly with only gentle pressure. The special strokes are carried out exclusively on the soft parts of the body. After the chocolate massage, the skin feels strokably soft and gives off a gorgeous hint of chocolate. Stress and disquiet are banished, making room for relaxation and happiness!

It is well-known that enjoying this popular delicacy increases levels of seratonin in the brain, which explains the benefits of a chocolate massage. When the sweet seduction is applied, seratonin is released with a relaxing, balancing and stress-reducing effect. At the same time, the happiness hormone puts you in a good mood and makes you happy. While eating chocolate can often have an impact on slim body lines, it does not get into the digestive system if applied by hand. So you can get as much chocolate as you want without putting on a weight!

Enjoy the progressingly sensual and erotic excitation and the final vibrant massage of the most intimate zones of the man.


To make a reservation you have to provide your name, address where you are staying or the hotel number. I work from 10 until 21h.
None of my massage includes any kind of sexual intercourse. I appreciate your understanding.

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