Sensual bamboo massage

Sensual bamboo massage

Bamboo represents life, energy, prosperity and longevity in Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese culture. In China, it is said that the stalks still symbolize strength, prosperity and peace. So Bamboo Massage actually claims ancient roots and has deeper connotations than simple bodywork.

This newly developed and unique therapy incorporates stalks of varying lengths and diameters to provide a deep-tissue massage with the main goal of achieving effective stimulation and permeating the body with the deep-tissue stroking. A unique feature is the warming up of the bamboo stalks, which significantly strengthens the additional effect of the massage ``strokes.''

By using high-quality nourishing oils, the hot Bamboo Massage utilizes a pleasant flowing application, depending on the intensity and temperature, and a deep relaxation of the muscle and connective tissue. Some strokes start at the feet and continue all the way to the hands in one fluid motion. A lighter touch can sometimes be used at the start that progress to deeper strokes, varying from ``Swedish '' strokes to deeper pressure using the added benefit of penetrating heat. Most strokes are applied in the direction of the heart to encourage better blood circulation.

Drinking bamboo teas before and after treatment helps wash out toxins from the body, while the treatment can be applied as a full-body or a partial body massage (for instance on the back or the legs)

The final pleasure is a tender massage of the most intimate zones of the man. Close your eyes and dream about being on a tropical island.


To make a reservation you have to provide your name, address where you are staying or the hotel number. I work from 10 until 21h.
None of my massage includes any kind of sexual intercourse. I appreciate your understanding.

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